We are able to design and deliver systems in the domain of industrial automation, process control, informatics, automation and electrical systems by the principle of one supplier and turnkey. As far as management and supervision is concerned, we are able to provide realization based on PLC and PC basis.

Basic system functions are :

Detection of the switch control panel
By monitoring of all contactors on the control panel the system receives information on potential servicing of individual system components, thus avoiding false alarm error.

Work detection
By monitoring all motors, pumps, blowers, or other appliances the system knows, at any time, whether certain work should be spent. This gives the necessary information for further logic and information for display on PC screen.

Failure detection
By monitoring all motors, pumps, blowers, or other appliances the system detects malfunction in and displays it on PC screen.

Detection of all three phases
The system also monitors the supply voltage (in reality all three phases are monitored plus each individually, so that it detects the disappearance of one of the phases), and in case of termination of electricity supply, the unit switches to battery mode.

Measurement of environmental parameters
Gaining information by measuring, for example, the amount of oxygen, temperature, pressure, etc., the device, based on predefined logic in it, manages loads. This ensures optimal system performance.

PC graphical monitoring system
With PCs, it is possible to graphically monitor all parameters of measurement or information about a potential error. Data is displayed on the PC on the technological scheme.

GSM message sending
The system can be configured to send error information to one or more GSM numbers. Also, by sending SMS with mobile phone service, SMS system informs on the current state of the system.

Also, the system keeps history log of each measurement or potential anomalies, and based on memorized data, can then perform further analysis of the entire system.