SoftCMS  - Advanced web content management

SoftCMS is a software solution for managing web sites, web portals and specialized internet projects for different purposes.

Advantages of CMS driven website

Cost control

Save, because:

  • there is no additional costs of maintaining site content
  • more than 1 person can edit the content

Prompt and quick response

Have control because you have:

  • administration access at any time regardless of whether you edit content within your work hours or not
  • instant possibility of data change
  • access to content editing from any computer connected to Internet, whether it be on the office computer, computer in another office, laptop, etc.


Without limit on:

  • number of categories
  • number of articles
  • number of photograpies

Wide possibilities

SoftCMS is powerful because it enables You to:

  • manage categories
  • manage articles
  • upload photographies
  • upload documents
  • define schedules and sort content
  • define content templates
  • add interactive maps
  • add keywords
  • manage menus
(for a complete functionality list of the CMS solution, please look at SoftCMS site)


Edit your own internet page because:

  • SoftCMS system is simple
  • everyone with basic computer knowledge can create content within 30 minutes
  • we will prepare you for individual content editing
  • we will be available for any questions and problems that may arise during content editing
  • we will help You when you're stuck on a problem
  • you will save on time and money