SoftCMS Portal

Version Portal provides editorial features for users who would like to publish a huge amount of content in the area of a specific theme, in a multi-user system, with unlimited number of categories, category depth, number of articles, photos and more.

SoftCMS Portal nije samo CMS rješenje, već je kompletno produkcijsko rješenje po principu "ključ u ruke". Naime, mi u dogovoru s korisnicima razvijamo kompletnu funkcionalnost budućeg portala, definiramo odnose i mogućnosti koje tada implementiramo u SoftCMS Portal rješenje.

SoftCMS portal is not only a CMS solution, but a complete production solution on the principle of "key to hands". Specifically, in agreement with the customers we develop complete functionality of the future portal, define the relationships and opportunities that we then implement the in SoftCMS Portal solution.

Overview of the possibilities of SoftCMS Portal:

Content management Portal interface (frontend)


  • Multiuser content editing
  • Automatic image processing
    • creating variants (dimensions, orientation) of the same photos for different purposes
  • Photos sharing (repeated use of the same photos in different categories and articles)


  • Categories and content overview
  • Content download
  • User login and sign-up
    • creating an account
    • login using Facebook
    • content comments
    • RSS subscription
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)