For those who want to know more

SoftCMS application concept is made on the basis of almost ten years of work experience on web projects and more importantly, work on the ground - with users of previous applications, so all our user wishes have been integrated to the new version SoftCMS solutions, with the most possible degree of simplicity of use, quick and easy learning.

A complete application solution is derived in the world's most famous and most spread programming language PHP, while MySQL relational database makes the backbone of storage . These are two technologies we work with from the very beginning and which have proved to be the best, fastest and most efficient solution for SoftCMS project.


For the stable platform we chose ZendFramework to ensure stability, robustness, quality and flexibility in further development of CMS.

PHP - najponatija web razvojna platformaMySQL - brza, fleksibilna i stabilna baza podatakaZend Framework - stabilna i fleksibilna platforma na kojoj smo razvili naše CMS rješenjejQuery - najpoznatiji JavaScript framework za ugodno korištenje aplikacije