SoftVP - SMS alterting system

SoftVP is an SMS alert system for fire departments that enables a fast and effective warning of a large number of firefighters, via SMS.

Upon completion of alerting the operator has access (report) about the status of each SMS message for each recipient.

In conceiving and designing the user interface, we considered a critical situation for which the system is intended, the time required for the activation process of alerting, and about the process of reporting at the end of the alert process. The result of this approach is an interface optimized for use in critical situations.


SoftVP features:
- complete control of all system components
- independence of the Internet connection
- desired GSM operators of choice
- choice of subscription models for desired GSM operators
- unlimited number of DVDs
- unlimited number of firefighters on DVD
- possibility of defining independent groups
- simple insight into the process of alerting


SoftVP components:
- PC with Windows operating system (existing or new)
- GSM module with antenom
- SIM card (that goes into the GSM modul)
- SoftVP application