Izrada web shop rješenja

Internet commerce / web shop (CMS)

Internet business on steroids! Breathe fully, save space, time and money by starting an e-commerce site.

Save! Save! Save!

Rent / acquisition of office space + interior design + exhibitions + staff salaries + infrastructure and expenses = mission impossible for many new enterpreneurs.

Depending on location and place of business, costs for above conditions can grow to over 100.000,00 kuna's a month! 

In some situations, for a price considerably less than the monthly cost of running a trade business, you can start your own web shop that will totally change how you do business.


Advantages of web shop solution

Web shop or an internet commerce is a business-application solution conceived as an website solution that enables You and your company relatively cheap and efficient business operations that break borders and geographic limits, are available to all Internet users, enablee information and product availability 24/7 and save money on staff, space and time.

  • Various payment options for goods and services
    • Cash on delivery
    • Bank transfer / slip
    • Credit card
    • Internet banking
  • Various options of goods delivery
    • Depends solely on your preferences and needs
  • Web shop application gives You complete insight in the business operations of e-commerce and fine tuning of sale models
    • Orders
    • Realized sales
    • Automatic management of stock
    • Tax calculations for various tax classes
    • Sales review by customer
    • Automatic registration of customers
    • Cashless payment
  • Web shop is ready for quick and strong penetration of the Internet market
    • Search engine optimized (SEO) web application
    • Connecting with social networks
    • User interaction