Presentation website

Basic - presentation web pages are an introduction to the world of internet business. It is important to be present, but it is even more important to present yourself in the best possible light. We can say, without holding back, that the internet page is your company's mirror, your trusted employee who is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week available to prospective buyers and your company's product and service users.

Present yourself in the best possible way and step into the magical world of internet business.

Why presentation website?

As we mentioned, websites are Your first contact with potential buyers and future product and service users and therefore it is of uttermost importance to strictly, accurately, simply and efficiently present your company.

Presentation website enable the provision of basic information about products and services that you offer, as well as basic contact information.


An example of basic presentation websites would include

Rough presentation website creation procedure display

  • production of unique and recognizable web design in accordance with the existing visual brand of the company
  • website design, layout and production of the website
  • creation of initial content that was previously, with Your collaboration, collected, organized, refined and customized for the web
  • creation of online contact form
  • integration of interactive map
  • integration of detailed visitor statistics
  1. Defining goals
  2. Collecting content (images, text, graphics)
  3. Site design
  4. Converting the design to HTML
  5. Proofreading, translation and processing of materials (if necessary)
  6. Content input and layout creation
  7. Project launch
    1. Finding and start of hosting service
    2. Domain registration
    3. Configuration and realization of e-mail system and associated accounts
    4. Website activation
    5. Search engine registration


Creating websites usually takes from 5-15 business days, after after acceptance of design and preparation of the entire contents of the website.