What is SoftERP?

SoftERP is an integrated solution tailored to specific needs and a representative of a new generation of integrated information systems. SoftERP is a native MS Windows applications developed in the modern. NET technology, which uses MS SQL Server database as its database system.

SoftERP implementation

Application model implementation varies from individual instances of the application on one computer to a client-server technology where multiple accounts (clients) access the same server, and thus share the data.


An example of a simple implementation as one instance

Used for: small businesses, crafts s trading, kiosks and trgovime, craft services, etc.

  • POS cash registers
    complete solution for billing and cash management
  • Bids and accounts writing module
    solution to write and record bids and accounts

An example of implementation of multi-user environment

Used for: small and medium-sized business systems, including crafts

  • Classical multi-user business applications
    complete solution for managing business processes
  • Multi-user acquisition and warehouse management
    management solution for multi-user acquisition and storage

An example of a complex multi-user instance with the possibility of connecting multiple locations

Used for: medium and large business systems, manufacturing companies and industries with a dislocated manufacturing, warehouse and retail units and offices

  • Process control
    A complete solution that covers the ordering, storage, borrowing and delivery of materials and finished products with complete supporting records and documents among multiple offices and work units
  • Unique operating system on more isolated locations
    whether it is a warehouse, production, administration or commerce