SoftERP features

It is built modularly, so that all modules can be used separately, but can also be integrated into the system in so far as is necessary to.

SoftERP, through its modules enables recording and maintenance of master data:

  • organizational units, products, business partners ...
  • incoming and outgoing invoices, payroll taxes, purchase and sales ledger posting documents (invoices, credit transfer, payment, ...)
  • warehousing (storage facilities, entrances, exits, minimum and maximum inventory, ...)
  • material accounting (calculation, ...)
  • general ledger (journals, balance sheets, ...)

The goal of the system is to allow, by its use, to obtain accurate and timely information for decision quality and optimal business decisions. Information is available to all users depending on their privileges, regardless of location or access method.

Since the basic data are the foundation of all business functions (business partners, chart of accounts, stores, people, articles, ...), within associated module business change and information is entered only once and are registered in all the necessary modules (eg output accounts for goods are issued by warehouse which fills the book of outgoing invoices that is later used for the calculation of VAT and basal forms of financial accounting., ...). Once entered, data is stored in the archive of the information system in its original form and becomes available for all functions (services), clearly, with the full implementation of highly sophisticated system of protection and confidentiality.

Softwise adjusts business system to the real user needs and continues with continuous improvement and optimization of the existing system following world trends in computerization. In this way, it prevents the deterioration of the system and provides additional security in user's daily work.